Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Ever Brownies { TWD BWJ }

Ok, so first off I should preface by saying I did not name these the best ever brownies.  It is what they are called in the book, Baking With Julia.  With that being said, I will say that today's Tuesday's With Dorie recipe is quite delicious, moist and gooey, and full of chocolate flavor as a brownie should be.  Would I or you for that matter call them "Best Ever?"  Well that's certainly debatable as I'm not sure they indeed live up to the name.  After all, I think it's a little tough to call anything the best ever.  My mother though, thought they were pretty close to being up there with the best, and she's much more of a chocolate lover than me.  I say give them a try and you be the judge because nonetheless they do make for a great holiday treat or gift perhaps. : )

Some notes about the recipe....I suggest using a good quality chocolate as I did as that will definitely make a difference.  I used my favorite, Valrhona.  In terms of the baking time.  I think the book was off in saying 25-28 minutes.  I took mine out after 28 minutes and the center was still a bit too raw.  They ended up baking another 15 minutes and were still plenty moist in the middle while the edges were more well done.  If I hadn't planned on taking them over for my nieces and nephew to enjoy, I might have added some walnuts too.  Another suggestion I received was to add chocolate chips.  Would have been chocolate overload for me, but the possibilities are endless I suppose.  Tis' the season for treats!

The recipe can be found over at A Beautiful Mess or on page 331 in Baking With Julia.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone......



  1. Amanda, your pictures are amazing.
    Your brownies look wonderful.

  2. Your brownies look great. And I love the way you displayed them for your pics. They definitely needed more time than was recommended in the recipe.

  3. They look wonderful. Beautiful presentation and gorgeous photos!

  4. I agree - these were good, but maybe not my best ever.
    Lovely pictures.